There are several free sites which allow you to store your files remotely so that you can access them wherever you are. This is useful if you have one computer at work and another at home or if you are travelling or working from somewhere else. It also means that you don't have to rely on USB sticks (which are notoriously unreliable) to keep files.

Google Docs is a free service which allows you to keep, create and share files over the internet. It is useful for collaborative work or when you wish to share drafts with others for comments. You can create text documents, slideshows and spreadsheets and store music and image files as well.

I have just- the hard way - that my workplace does not back up my documents!!!! Luckily for me I saved my important files to my dropbox :) dropbox_logo_home.png This site allows me to save my files and then synchronise them so that I can access them anywhere. Even better, there are apps available for your phone, your ipod touch or ipad and every computer you use, meaning that you can access your files very easily.
This is invaluable. There is a large amount of storage available for free (the best price) and then if you need more you pay a monthly fee.

Windows Livegives you a Skydrive (online storage) and free Windows Tools, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and the excellent One Note. You can create documents online and then share or collaborate with others. Another free service.

Google allows you to create, add and share bookmarks. This slideshow will show you how.