The web allows you to keep up to date with the news all over the world. This is obviously very useful for teachers, however, there is so much information that one writer said it is like 'drinking from a firehose'. So you need to work out exactly what information you want and how to get it. There are lots of sites and software to help you to do this.
You can drop newsfeeds into your sites as widgets once you have found the embed code. One example from Widget box is this one here:
[ invalid RSS feed: ] You can also drop RSS feeds into most sites easily. this is an example from The Age.
A great tool which allows you to see visual representations of the day's new is 10x10.

Netvibes is an rss reader that acts like a home page for all of your news feeds. You simply drop in the link of a site that you want to get feeds from and that feed then is updated in real time. You can have several tabs for different purposes. netvibes.png

Page Flakes is another site, very similar to Netvibes, that allows you to collect personal feeds. You can also set it as your own home page and have the information coming in without having to visit lots of different sites. Here is a useful YouTube video explaining how this works.