The enlightened among us who are Mac users already know how amazing these machines are at allowing us to do everything easily and in style. I thought I'd add a few hints and tips here for those of us who use Macs and perhaps don't use all of their awesome features :)

Preview - can annotate pdf files. I didn't know this until I needed to do it and then I googled it and found this

i-Tunes U - why more of us are not using these is a mystery. These are amazing videos and audio files for teachers and students which we can all make use of. I have recommended them to my Literature students as a great primer to studying Literature and many other subjects will be able to use them. They are not just for university level studies. Younger students are covered in the P-12 area as are teachers with podcasts about teaching practice. Great PD and it might even satisfy your VIT requirements :)

Those of you with i-pads will definitely want to check out the following book, available on i-devices:
I downloaded it yesterday and it really is very interesting. It has implications for the way that we will read and use books in the future.
This Live Binder has a comprehensive overview of iPads in schools. Very detailed and definitely worth looking through.