The Smart Board Revolution ning is a great place to start for ideas, help and practical advice. Find it here.
Another place that is important to visit if you use a Smartboard in the Lesson Plan and Resources Sharing centre. Teachers upload and share resources and templates that they have created for their own classrooms.
YouTube has lots of videos about Smartboards explaining how to use them. Another great place to begin for a five minute update of how to do something using the board.
The Teaching with Smartboard website has some videos as well. This latest one is on how to upload YouTube videos into your board. The main page has a host of lessons for teachers on the different features of the board.

You can customise the tools you use by going to the Home screen and using the following options:

  • You can add in themes to your pages and make them all look the same. This is useful when you want to plan whole lessons using the board. You can even create your own themes and use them on all, or just selected pages of your lesson. This video shows you how to do this.
  • The edna page has a list of useful resources to use with your IWB. Lots of these are quizzes and activities organised according to subject and level.