This page contains a few 'how to' guides on the basics of setting up and using web 2.0 tools. If there are guides that you need that are not here please request them.

How to comment on a wikispaces page.
This PowerPoint is a basic guide to blogs and wikis.
how to twitter from
I have created a brief document showing how to personalise your profile in Outlook. Make yourself the envy of your email buddies!!

How to visualise a search on boolify. This gives students an overview of what happens when they search.

guide to setting up your blog using the Victorian Government school's preferred provider global2.

Edutopia -(created by the George Lucas foundation) has a host of videos posted by teachers on how to use social software in your classrooms.

guide to using wikispaces to set up your wiki.

There are lots more guides like this at the Commoncraft website.

RSS feeds by the Commoncraft people; another very easy way to understand how to manage the amount of information coming in from the web.