With the increase in sales for ipads for educational use more and more has been written about how they can be used in schools to effectively teach and learn. The Victorian Government ran a series of trials at schools; the website outlining this is here. There are two pdf files which go through successful implementation of the devices in schools. Unfortunately they are too large for this site so I have also hosted them here. iPads for learning. 21steps to successful implementation.
This page will showcase just a few apps that have been found to be useful for teachers and students.
fourtyfive.pngTwitter is a great app for getting students using microblogging in class. Once they have a twitter account you can quiz them, ask them to follow certain hashtags (#) or certain people (@) to get information.
Schmoop (see here for more info) have a great slideshow for Social Studies teachers on their favourite apps and of course their study guide apps are very useful.
This website - Teachers with Apps - has curated a great collection and update regularly. Worth bookmarking.

Apps for Organisation.

Instapaper - allows you to save websites that you have visited for offline viewing. Handy if your wifi is a bit unpredictable or if you want students to take things home to read.
Dropbox - crucial for file storage. Great way of keeping all files up to date wherever you are.
Documents to Go - allows users to create Word, PowerPoint, Excel and edit them on the go.
QuickOffice - is another one that allows you to create and edit Office documents.
JotNotPro - allows you to use the iPad or iPhone camera as a portable scanner. You can adjust images once captured and email or pdf them easily.